Each ascension tier has a max level. Once a fighter reaches the maximum level for their current ascension tier, they can be ascended to the next tier, giving them a large stat boost and allowing them to be leveled up again. To ascend a fighter, you must:

• Select a fighter from your roster that is at the max level for its ascension tier

• Tap “Ascend”. If you do not meet the requirements or do not have the required materials, the game will prompt you.

Fighters require ascension items to ascend. These items can be rare, especially for the highest tiers. There are multiple ways to acquire them:

• Late-game loot contains rarer items, including ascension materials.

• Some missions are guaranteed to reward high level ascension materials, so keep an eye on which missions are available.

• Wanted missions, Giant Corrupted, and other tough bosses have a high chance to award rare loot, including high level ascension materials.

Rarer fighters have access to more ascension tiers. 4* and 5* fighters can be ascended 3 times, 3* fighters twice, and 1* and 2* fighters just once.

When ascending to the next tier, a fighter's level will be reset to 1, and it can be leveled up again, but it will retain all its previous stats along with an additional boost.