1. PvE:Battle after Stage 4-1 can reward Serum, with more rewarded at higher levels and difficulties.
2. PvP:Players with a rating of 600 or more can receive Serum from battles.
3. Giant Corrupted Hunts reward Serum to players, and doing more damage will increase the Serum that can be awarded.
4. Daily Raid Box - Going on 5 raids in a single day rewards a Daily Raid Box that can contain Serum; the rewards are determined by your Raid Tier rewarding 0/5/6/etc. at different tiers.
5. Treasure Boxes- Completing one rewards 15 Serum each time.
6. Bounty Contract / Contract rewards- Serum rewards will be unlocked gradually (unlocking higher tiers will reward more Serum in the set amounts shown)
7. Watch ads in-game (awarded after watching 10 ads and opening the reward box).
8. Inviting friends and claiming rewards after they reach level 5 (you can invite friends after reaching level 5)