1. Zombies acquired through boxes can be turned into Fighters through the Biolab. Each Zombie must be cured within a set period of time before it is no longer viable to be cured. For Zombies obtained through boxes, the last 3 months; those obtained as an in-game drop last for 2 days. Zombies that can no longer be cured due to being a zombie for too long can be composted into a small amount of Serum.
2. Curing zombies will consume Serum and Knots, and usually takes 6 days or less to complete.
3. The strength and rarity of the Fighter produced from curing a zombie depend on both the zombie's rarity as well as the rarity of the fighters used to cure the Zombie in the Biolab. See the in-game explanation or the whitepaper page on our website for an in-depth explanation of the formula and probabilities.