1. Tap “Wallet” in Karmaverse Zombie, then tap any button in the red frame, it will jump to the browser automatically.

2. Copy the link in the browser.

3. Open Metamask, after signing in, click on the button in the upper left corner and the menu above will be displayed. Click ‘Browser” in the menu that appears.

4. Paste the link in the address bar, and then enter the Marketplace.

5. Click the blue button in the upper right corner, and the login window will pop up. Select "Login with Metamask".

6. After confirming your account, click on "Connect" and "Sign" to complete your login.

7. After successfully logging into the wallet, a prompt will appear as shown, please enter the email address you are using for your current game account, receive and enter the verification code to log in and bind your game account to the wallet.