When attacking an Alliance Boss, if there are more than 3 NFT Fighters in the team, the serum can be obtained as follows:
1. You can only get the serum when you kill a 2-star alliance boss with an A rating
2. You can only get the serum when you kill a 3-7 star alliance boss with an A or B rating
3. When you kill an 8-star or higher alliance boss and the rating is A, B, or C, you can get the serum that can be obtained.
4. The higher the star level of the boss, the higher the damage value, the higher the Magic Find value, and the more serum you can get

You cannot get serum if:
1. Leave the alliance before defeating the alliance boss
2. Attack 1-star boss
3. There are less than 3 NFT fighters in the team (as long as there are less than 3 NFT heroes in the team when you attack Giant Coruppted once, you cannot get the serum)
4. Giant Coruppted Escape

Factors Affecting Alliance Boss Rewards:
1. The rewards of 1-star and 2-star alliance bosses have little to do with the damage, but if the damage is high, the rewards will be high.
2. Lineup Magic Find value: if your MF value is high but the damage is low, you will also get more rewards than those with high damage but low MF value.